Crash: Book Two in the Mark IV Anna Series

Anna passed her Beta Test in the bitter cold of Russia.  She sought refuge in America, but instead found No Escape.  Now the world’s only android that has human emotions is in a life and death struggle for survival after the Crash.  Isolated hundreds of miles from civilization, Anna becomes entangled in a military dispute that will determine the destiny of an entire country.  Forced to choose sides, she must infiltrate a rebel camp and fulfill her captor’s demands in only three days.  Separated from her friends, she must turn to her deadliest enemy for any hope of escaping this impossible predicament.  If Anna, and the android she would call her sister, can’t find a way to set aside their violent past and work together, neither one will make it out alive.

Crash: Book Two in the Mark IV Anna Series on Amazon

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Digital artwork: Keith Heptinstall
Left Model: Emily Bowman

Right Model: Joanna Wroten


 No Escape: Book One in the Mark IV Anna Series

After her desperate flight from a highly classified facility in Russia, Anna has made her way to America.  Using intelligence, subtlety, and her unique abilities, she’ll do anything to avoid her pursuers.  Perhaps even more difficult for an android, she’ll try to live a normal life in an ordinary southern town.  Anna’s emotions and humanity will be tested like never before as she tries to blend in.  Stalked, assaulted, and finally backed into a corner, she’ll find that sometimes, there is…No Escape.

No Escape: Book One in the Mark IV Anna Series on Amazon.

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 Beta Test: Book Zero in the Mark IV Anna Series

Beta Test CoverStepan Entsky has a dream.  He desires to see his beloved Soviet Union reborn.  Using his position in an underground branch of the KGB, he assembles a team of the world’s best scientists at an isolated location in northern Russia to work on a project code named ANNA.  After working for months, the team achieves their goal, creating the perfect intelligence operative.  An android that can alter its physical appearance and use innate abilities to infiltrate secure computer networks all over the world.  One that has specific artificial emotions to help it maintain its disguise as a human, one that is almost indistinguishable from us.  With the information this android can acquire, Stepan believes he can rebuild the USSR.  The only question is, what will the android, Anna, think about her purpose?  More importantly, how will she feel about it?

Beta Test: Book Zero in the Mark IV Anna Series on Amazon.

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iPhone/iPad Apps

McGuire’s Farm


McGuire’s Farm takes you on a trip to a beautiful, hand-drawn farm with cool animals to hear and animations to see!

McGuire’s Farm is a lot of fun for toddlers and young children because of its easy to use interface, fun sounds, and cool animations.

Find McGuire’s Farm on the iTunes App Store here.



Bouncy Beach


Bouncy Beach is a fun trip around the beach, the sea, and a seaside amusement park for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love Bouncy Beach with its colorful, fun graphics, music and sounds! It keeps them engaged and entertained while helping to develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

* Over 150 custom sounds


* Colorful original artwork

* Full Retina support for iPhone 4

* Universal App, buy it once and play on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch

Find Bouncy Beach on the iTunes App Store here.